Nollywood actress Angela Eguavoen laments that many women are not really happy in their marriage because they are deprived of their freedom.

According to Angela Eguavoen, who had a discussion with a man who claimed that he is not allowed to sleep with his wife for a year and she is not allowed to try to meet with another man or use toys.

However, this interaction left the actress distraught about how many women have to forcibly endure such deprivations.

In her words;

“So I and a married friend(man) had a conversation recently and he said something about how he can go a whole year or more without sleeping with his wife. And I asked, did you get her a d***o or some toys? Cause apparently she can’t do it with another man.

And he goes, the day i see her with any s*x toy is the day she is living my house. The fact that she can use a toy to satisfy herself shows that she can sleep with another man I was speechless, My mouth was open and no words came out.

I’ve been thinking about this since then, the truth is a lot of women are in slavery and bondage in name of marriage. I see him differently right now.”