Young man accuses superstar singer, Wizkid of eating and drinking with the devil in the pit of h**l after a vision from his pastor.

The young man, identified as Jossy Thegod on Facebook, made this known in a post in which he claimed that the singer sold his soul to the devil for fame.

He added that his popular nickname “Machala” is a Greek word that translates to “demon” in English.

In his words;

“Wizkid has sold his soul to the devil. My pastor told us in church on Sunday that he had a vision and he saw that Wizkid is one of the top demons in h**l

And I asked one man if Wizkid has really sold his soul to the devil the man said yes He said;

1) His fan base name “Wizkid FC”, that FC is like an abbreviation of two ancient Latin words which are “Fwxeh ChwIn” it means Deviil followers
2) His Nickname “MACHALA” its a Greek word which means “DEMON”
If you have been listening to Wizkid songs the Devil is currently in control of your life.”