Brother Sammy, a popular Ghanaian gospel musician, could not bottle his emotions and almost broke down in tears on live TV whilst sharing troubles he is facing in his marriage.

A topic that was being discussed in the presence of the musician on last Saturday’s ‘United Showbiz on UTV brought out skeletons Brother Sammy has been hiding in his closet about his marriage.

According to the gospel musician, his 10-year-old marriage has become complicated and his wife has begun accusing him of things he knows nothing about.

Brother Sammy said on live television that his wife has accused him of trying to use her for occultic rituals because she had complications during pregnancy.

He added that house helps he hired to take care of his wife during her pregnancy period fed her with false information that he was cheating and that nearly broke her home.

To sum up his feeling, Brother Sammy said he has lost the urge of having intercourse with his wife and he no longer feels the same way towards her as he did fee years ago.

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