A South African man has eulogized his fiancee in a recent post he made.

This social media user on Twitter spoke about how he finds his fiancee very amazing although they started dating not long ago.

According to him, this is the softest and kindest relationship I’ve ever been in. The post he made reads;

“My girlfriend and I haven’t been dating long but this is the softest and kindest relationship I’ve ever been in. She doesn’t make me feel like loving me is a chore, but a choice. And everyday I’m going to give her a good reason why she chose me.”

Read some reactions from social media users below;

@mimi_modiba – I can relate., I’ve always been in conflict with people I’ve previously met. 3weeks in we’re fighting bwt something everyday. I know love aint spose to be hard/ confusing etc my heart wasn’t at peace honestly. But here I’ve truly met my bestie I’m home

@tintswalomegacy – Mjolo gao bad when you’re doing it with the right person neh

@chillaxin2020 – Bruh that’s the results of a woman being attracted to you, it’s not a chore… problem is folks keep chasing people that ain’t into them

@I_am_Bucie – That sounds beautiful and i can totally relate . My man loves me in the purest and most beautiful way . That man chooses me over and over in every situation he chooses me and put me first

@Jesus_My_Cousin – That’s what happens when you get in a relationship with a woman who is looking for love & affection. not these ones looking for a materialistic sponsor to cover their expenses.

@ChrisKuda94 – That’s great news man, that one loves you. Now make sure you take good care of her And be sure to f**k her brains out too