In the video, the man, who seems quite excited, holds on to the Nigerian flag while explaining that his trip to Nigeria has been going well.

A white man visiting Nigeria has assured people that the country is safe while holding the country’s flag.

In a viral video the foreigner standing near a waterfall in Ekiti could be heard saying that contrary to what the world thinks, Nigeria is a safe country and no one has harmed him during his trip.

He said: ”Welcome to Nigeria. As you can see, a lot of people don’t think that Nigeria is the safest country but that is not at all true.

I am here in beautiful Ekiti state in the middle of the country at this amazing waterfall. I am completely safe. I am not dead. Everything is fine about this trip.

Even though Nigeria gets a bad name in international media and news, None of that is true”

However, Nigerians have expressed doubt over his claims of safety.

Watch video below:


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