Katherine Daramola alleges that her husband and his mistress conspired to take away her property, a claim Mr Daramola denies.

A United States-based lawyer has accused her estranged husband, Adetokunbo Daramola, of plotting to illegally acquire their joint property in Lagos.

Katherine Daramola, 57, said her husband and his mistress conspired to commit the act.

The property in question is a duplex in Magodo, an upscale development in Lagos.


In 2010, Mr Daramola partially relocated to Nigeria, where he began executing contracts for the Lagos Inland Revenue Service (LIRS) and some local government areas in the state, Mrs Daramola said in an interview with PREMIUM TIMES.

The couple had earlier acquired plots in Magodo GRA where they built the duplex.

“We got two plots in Magodo but we were not in a position to build on both plots so we got a builder who paid N10 million with the agreement that he would take two semi-detached houses and the family would take the other two semi-detached houses,” Mrs. Daramola said.

“We built two semi-detached houses and the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) has my name (on it).”

Mrs Daramola said she contributed 75 per cent of the money spent to build the house and furnished most parts of her house.

She alleged that her husband, unbeknownst to her, began an affair with another married woman in Nigeria. After the house was completed and furnished, her husband and his mistress moved into the house, she added.

Mrs Daramola said that after more than three decades of legal practice, she had begun planning her retirement.

“I’m home, I’m about to retire,” she said. “I need to come home, that’s why we built the house, and now they’re trying to deny me access to my house.”

‘Abandonment, infidelity’

Ms. Daramola said her estranged husband “temporarily abandoned” her and their four children in the U.S., leaving her to care for them alone.

She also accused him of having an “illicit and adulterous” relationship with a woman whose husband was in the United Kingdom.

“He came to the United States, spent a few months and then came back to Nigeria in 2018. I noticed he was having an affair, but I didn’t know how serious it was,” she said.

In August 2018, Ms. Daramola said while she was buying the furniture and other household items in the U.S. and sending them to Nigeria, her estranged husband, who was clearing the properties in Lagos, gave his mistress the impression that he was an “American big boy.”

“I handed everything over to him out of trust and that he, as the husband, the man of the house, should take over everything. That was the trust and I just kept buying things here and sending them home,” she said.

“Unbeknownst to me, his mistress was living in my house. She was the first person to use my hot tub, my brand new bed, my kitchen utensils and everything else. She was so comfortable, whatever he told her, I don’t know.”

Ms. Daramola said the “illicit and adulterous” relationship broke up her marriage of 25 years.

“Due to abandonment and numerous incidents of adultery and fear of being infected with deadly s****l diseases, I separated from him and asked him to give up my share of the two duplexes,” she said.


Mrs. Daramola said she visited Nigeria unannounced in May 2019 only to find female items all over her house.

She said her husband denied knowing the owner of the items.

She said on her next visit to Nigeria, the locks of the house were changed by her husband’s mistress. She accused the woman of conspiring with her mother to take the house.

She said she hired a lawyer in Nigeria and started filing legal notices against her.

“Despite several legal notices and complaints, the two defendants continue to stay in my part of the duplex. Mr. Daramola continues to lock me out and I have to break into the house several times.

“On Sunday, January 9 (2021), I came with my children and broke the locks and padlocks to get into my house and found Abisoye’s (the mistress) personal and intimate belongings scattered all over my bedroom and security areas,” he said.

“My children and I took her belongings out of the house and piled them up outside the gate. When they were notified by third parties that we were in the house, they called the police and the Isheri DPO asked us all to come in.

“Tokunbo Daramola and Abisoye (were) asked to remove their personal belongings from the house. In the presence of the police officers, they both threatened to k**l me. The DPO advised us to return with police escort and they came to collect their belongings.

“Abisoye started shouting and insisted that she would not leave my house. She herself and Olatokunbo Daramola conspired and falsely accused me of stealing. However, they later admitted that none of their personal belongings had been stolen, but filed a police report (anyway),” Ms. Daramola said.

She said she received several threats from the mistress and her mother that they would k**l her “within six months.”

Mrs. Daramola accused her husband and his mistress of trying to evade trial.

“What Mr. Daramola is showing here is the current trend of Nigerian men in the diaspora abandoning long-standing marriages and children and pawning their wives while they come to Nigeria and live with other women,” she said.

“Olatokunbo has to do the bare minimum and give me my property. He wants to continue living in the house. I spent all my savings, I spent over $53,000 to furnish the house.”

Mr. Daramola responds

When PREMIUM TIMES contacted Mr. Daramola about the allegations, he told this newspaper “that we should not interfere in their business.”

The businessman said his estranged wife had “already gone on Facebook to drag his name in the mud.”

“The Bible says seek the truth and hold on to it, it just makes all kinds of lies, but I’m not interested in all this publicity. Let it do what it wants,” he said.

“I’m not interested. She’s a serious troublemaker, I can’t tell you much because I’m not interested in the publicity. I left the house because of her.

“She has terrorized me for several years, enough is enough. We are going to America and we are going to file for divorce. We have been to court several times and she has lost.

“This is not my first house, I have built houses before I met her,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Daramola alleged mistress does not respond to calls and text messages.