Nollywood actress, Ada Karl shares a piece of advice to those Nigerians who are h**l-bent on leaving Nigeria to find greener pastures.

The actress took to her Instagram stories to advise Nigerians that before they all try to scramble away from Nigeria, they should find a way to fix it.

Or else, the nation will still remain as it was before they left.

She further advises them to also travel with their families both nuclear and extended.

Here’s what she wrote;

“If you like, keep running to “Abroad” cos of the Horrible Scary State of the Nation. You go still come back & meet it same way unless you lend your voice. You better pack all your family members when leaving oh don’t forget to take with you, enough atarodo;crayfish;catfish;stockfish; peppersoup spices; etc to last you for 10yrs • • ft.’ – Ada Karl #Endsars”