Reports we have seen online reveal that doctors at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital have successfully separated a set of conjoined twins.

The successful surgery took place on January 14 and it was performed by a team of medical experts of the facility.

The number of medical experts who performed the surgery was 66 with everyone on the team being a Nigerian.

The team had paediatric surgeons, paediatricians, paediatric cardiologist, anaesthetists, cardiothoracic surgeon, nurses, pharmacists, behavioural scientists and many more.

The separation of conjoined twins dates back to 1698 with the first recorded successful separation of conjoined twins was carried out by Swiss surgeon Johannes Fatio in Basel, Switzerland, between 24 November and 3 December 1689.

The patients were a pair of newborn girls named Elisabet and Catherina, both of whom recovered fully from the surgery.

Another well-known separation of conjoined twins took place in 1987 when renowned surgeon, Ben Carson successfully separated conjoined male twins born in Germany at the John Hopkins Children Centre.

It was led by renowned Paediatric surgeon, Prof Lukman Abdul-Rahman. Check out the photos below;