For the first time in two years, completely unexpectedly and out of the blue, and after taking another lovely trip with our sons Aragorn, Ragnar, Aiden and Liam, Mama Aragorn came to our home to visit.

For two years she and I hadn’t seen or spoken to each other, but on Saturday afternoon we spent no less than four hours together talking, laughing, and sharing some beautiful moments.

It was touching to see members of my household and staff welcome her and, led by our first son Aragorn who held her tightly by the hand, escort her through the gate onto the grounds while I watched in disbelief and surprise from the balcony.

Moments earlier, through the security cameras and from the same balcony, I had seen them come down from the top of the street.

It was a small group, led by Aragorn and his mother. They walked slowly, with bright smiles and laughter, while a motorcade drove behind them.

It was the dramatic return of a tall and beautiful queen who was simply magnificent and shone as brightly as the morning star.

There are moments that cannot be captured or expressed in words, and this was one of them.

After two long years of contentious silence and acrimonious separation, she graced us with her presence and came home.

The joy at the return of this great lioness was immense.

Every single one of the 60 people living and working in our home was happy to see her, and some even shed a few secret tears of joy.

Mama Aragorn showed so much courage, grace, dignity and class.

This was a moment I will remember for many years.

This was a triumph for all peace lovers and sons and daughters of justice.

This was the day when the power of God was revealed, when joy entered Zuma and when the Lion of Aso Drive roared in glory, victory, power and strength.

This was a moment that proved beyond all reasonable doubt that patience, moderation, understanding and peace bring nothing but joy and blessing.

This was a moment when light conquered darkness and the secret prayers of four handsome little princes were answered.