The founder and leader of Universal Spirit Outreach A.K.A, Ajagurajah Movement, Bishop Kwabena Boakye Asiamah, has stated that afternoon prayers do not reach God; praying in the afternoon is a waste of time.

According to him, the Ajagurajah Movement has made a statement that will either shock Christians or affect their way of worship.

The follower of Moses says that the afternoon prayer of Christians is totally useless.

He emphasized that Ajagurajah, prayers said in the afternoon, no matter how loud they are, do not reach God.

He further explained that some angels who had fallen out with God abandoned their plans to come to earth, so they decided to return to heaven.

When they reached the entrance of heaven, the gate was locked, so they had no choice but to hang in the heavens.

Ajagurajah says that these falling angels act in the afternoon, so all the prayers said in the afternoon are blocked, so the prayers cannot reach God in heaven.