South African rapper AKA has stuck to his promise and had an interview with seasoned eNCA journalist Thembekile Mrototo to answer hard-hitting questions concerning what has transpired over the last few weeks.

This was revealed by a website called Mgosi, who shared snippet of the interview on their official Twitter account.

As mentioned above AKA agreed to fully respond to all the questions and lay a lot of the rumours as well as assumptions to rest.

This is after the sudden death of his fiancée Anele Tembe, speculations, rumours, assumptions, and exposed truths about their turbulent relationship started gaining attention on social media.

In one of the shared snippets, Thembekile asks AKA the burning question, “Why did you break the door?” and a suspenseful audio breaks before the clip ends. AKA’s dejected face also shows for a brief second.

In another snippet, AKA reveals that detectives flew out from Cape Town to allegedly interview his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child DJ Zinhle.

“Detectives flying up from Cape Town to interview Zinhle. Why? What is the directions of this inquest?” asked AKA.

Watch video below: