Akpororo warns this generation about the current viral silhouette challenge that is causing chaos online.

The new craze allows girls, in particular, to show off their curves and melons by creating silhouette images using Snapchat and TikTok’s latest filter.

Thanks to the silhouette-like feature, girls can show themselves n***d without their sensitive body parts being visible.

Since the challenge went viral, it has been popping up on Twitter’s trending list every day, as there are also s*x versions in which some guys show off their features, among other crazy actions.

Nigerian comedian Jephthah Bowoto, known in showbiz as Akpororo, has taken note of the challenge and passed judgment on this generation that is doomed.

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In a video shared on his Instagram page, he said that young people should remember that the Internet does not forget and does not forgive.

“With the stuff that happens on the internet, it shows that many of us have lost our minds, we don’t care about tomorrow, we don’t know if it will backfire or end well, we don’t know, but we just choose to do it,” Akpororo said in the video, which he titled “Oh Lord, help my generation.”

“Don’t forget that social media as it is, the internet doesn’t forget and doesn’t forgive, tomorrow will show, there will come a time when some of the things people do now will have to answer questions about it later,” he said in Pidgin.

According to Akpororo, he’s not asking anyone to stop, but he’s just reminding them that the internet neither forgives nor forgets, as people just jump on social media trends without thinking deeply.

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Hear more from him in the video below.