Durban-born DJ Sithelo Shozi has hit back at tweeps who have labelled her as a s****l predator after making her relationship with Andile Mpisane official on his 20th birthday.

The disk jockey and mother of one has clapped back after tweeps criticized the age difference between Andile and her.

Sithelo started dating Andile when he was only 17 and has a baby with him already but waited to announce their relationship until Andile turned 20 on Monday.

The star has kept quiet for a long time now but has now hit back after a recent backlash on Twitter. She laughed off the outrage on Twitter and said, “naze naphithizela,” which translates to “scurrying.”

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See post below:

Check reactions below:

“Majority of men actually lose their virginity through r**e, underage boys preyed on by way older women. This Sithelo / R Sthelly issue is responsible for many social ills in our country.

“The thought of looking at a teenager who you are 6+ more years older than, sexually is so weird.

“The disgusting thing is woman think men are the only r****t here according to them woman can’t r**e a man man is the only human being capable of r**e Sithelo s****l molested Andile but no one is ready for that accountability.

“Andile probably didn’t want to have a kid at that age but Sithelo said baby leverage. She has no shame. Andile was just a child. R Sthelly ngempela. Anyway keep the same energy when DJ’s smash ama 2000’s.

“R Sthelly having s****l relations with a child is bad, the fact that she does not even show a bit of shame is what makes this even worse. I don’t understand why Sithelo and other women do not see anything wrong with this act, but had roles switched ngabe bakhiphe amabele phandle (they would be protesting bare chested.)