Popular social media influencer, Dencia, is currently in mourning following the death of her sister.

According to Dencia, her sister, Rebecca, lost her 3-year battle with Brain Cancer.

She wrote on Instagram;

It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that my beautiful sister Rebecca has lost her 3-year battle with brain cancer on 7/11/21.

My heart feels like a block of lead that I can’t lift off the ground. I reflect on the fact that so many beautiful souls on this earth are taken away from us by this overwhelming disease.

I have cried nonstop for 3yrs,Oh if only we looked like what we were going thru a hot Cheeto Mess.

Poukis fought a courageous fight.

To your last breath Poukis,you never gave up and remain victorious in my eyes.They gave u 3 months & u fought for 3yrs.

U are my rock in life and my inspiration in your death.From the day u were nominated as my sister, u looked out for me, I was ur 1st child as every1 made fun of it.

You believed in me more than anything or any1 in the world & pushed me to attain my full potential in life & that’s why the last 3yrs, my life stopped when I got that famous call.

Today I am who I am because of u,u made so many sacrifices for my health & wealth, My brokevillian days when u will give me ur card & say spend $50 & I’ll spend $5k u never got mad.

Days, when I was sicker than a dog & u, will find the best Drs for me no matter what country I was in, I can go on & on but all my life, u loved & protected me from everything & everyone.

We fought Cancer so hard together & it whooped all of us, it just stole u away from us.What I’m I supposed to tell Ethan,Jojo & Cam?Your 1 wish for me was for me to have kids who will love you how ur kids love me, I promise u when they are here, they’ll hear all about the amazing big sister I have who’s living her best life somewhere else. I’ve loved & I’ve lost again

Becky’s love and life will always be remembered by every1 who had the opportunity to meet her, she had the biggest heart & was always ready to help every1.

I’ll be taking some time to be there for her 3 beautiful children she lived for who have lost their mom,so forgive me in advance if you don’t hear from me for a while but always know I feel your outpouring love.All public engagements I have will be postponed till further notice.


All My Love Dencia.