Recently, media personality and cookbook author, Somizi Mhlongo added his voice, saying that he, too, has been depressed and had suicidal thoughts in the past.

The “Idols SA” judge took to Instagram to tell fans how moved he was by watching two other inspirational videos on the application.

The first was posted by South African award-winning songstress, Kelly Khumalo, where she talked about finding the source of what is causing the depression, while the other post was by @fentselite_ (Ofentse Mogotsi) where he reposted a video titled “Something had to die, but it wasn’t me. Listening to these video inspired Somizi to take a new direction in life, and in his video he said he was releasing himself from the “prison of his thoughts”.

“I am detaching, something is dying today, it is that belief system that ’I am.. because of’. I am freeing myself from that. I am living, I am going to live, they are dying today,” he said.

“If you are thinking of suicide today, I plead with you to think the way I think because I also do have suicidal thoughts, I did have suicidal thoughts, I have never attempted it, but I’ve had because of the s*** going on in my life, but today after seeing those videos I’ve realised I don’t want to die, I want to live, but the things causing me pain have to die,” he continued. His advice to depressed people is to look deep within themselves and see that they are bigger than their problems.

“You will realise that you are bigger than those things, your God is bigger than all those things. Something has to die and it is not you,” he said.