This is a real matter that needs your advice. A very close friend of mine has found himself in a confused state and will need best advice on how to handle a critical situation.

This guy is already planning to get married with his girlfriend later this year …plans going on.

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During the last holidays, he ran into his ex-girlfriend after a long while, they exchanged number and he invited her over to have a drink then hang out somewhere.

During the course of the meeting one thing lead to another they had s*x…this happened 2 months ago.

My friend just got a call from his ex-girlfriend that she missed her period and she is pregnant for him.

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My friend was like trying to explain to her that he is get married in few months time and has no plans for her as regards marriage.

The ex-girlfriend says she is keeping the pregnancy that my friend should do whatever he feels.

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The issue now is how can he tell his girlfriend and parents about it.

Should he stop the planning of the wedding or should he continue with the ex-girlfriend ?.

Please your advice on this issue is needed.