A funny and bizarre photo of a kitchen and bathroom in a single space of a house has left a whole lot of people in awe.

The photo which depicts both a toilet sink and a cooking gas in the same room was shared by a Twitter user lately.

This picture has subsequently caught the attention of people as they wonder who must have thought of this kind of design.

See the tweet below:

See reactions below:

@Prince_Mnisi_ZA: Bathkitch AKA(toilet,kitchen and shower all in one) atleast they have running water and electricity Yawning face

@DublingreenB This cannot be real hot, it has to be editing, how can you afford tiles, cook ware, water system, that sort of gas and cabinets, wall paper and all that but can’t separate toilet from kitchen? Maybe this is some country we know not of

@MissNatural001: incase person dey cook and u no want leave kitchen this is a shorter means