How to navigate your way through this potentially awkward conversation.

Of course, the months or weeks leading up to a new relationship, and even the early stages of that relationship, are filled with questions and observations and other opportunities to get to know each other better and become familiar with each other.

Of all the necessary conversations to have, the one about s*x is perhaps one of the most uncomfortable.

And it’s not surprising if one or both partners feel a little reticent or reserved about the topic.

Regardless of the awkwardness that may be associated with the conversation, it is one that definitely needs to be had, especially if the relationship is to be a s*xual one.

So how can you have this conversation?

Make it easier for them to start the conversation

In a culture where people almost always feel reticent, offended, and somehow offended when they hear s*xual topics or talk about s*x, it’s important to approach the subject tactfully, especially the first time.

It’s not surprising if your partner needs a little time to open up fully; if he wants to take time to open up fully.

You don’t expect him to unpack and dump everything on you in just one conversation. So while it’s important to be tactful at the beginning of the conversation, the same finesse needs to be displayed as the conversation progresses.

Don’t ask if they obviously don’t want to talk about a particular thing.

Give the matter time.

S*xual relationship or not?

The fact that you are talking about s*x does not mean that the relationship would be a s*xual one. People who are dating are expected to talk about anything as far as it helps them get to know each other better and understand each other’s inner lives.

In case you didn’t have the conversation before it became official, the early days of the relationship is the best time to determine whether or not it’s a s*xual relationship, or if either of you needs a little time before you feel cool enough to have s*x.

Ask about their preferences

This goes without saying. If it’s going to be a s*xual relationship, you want to know what he expects from you. What are their specific s*xual needs, what are the things that make s*x an experience for them? These are things you really want to ask and know.

And of course, implement.