Popular OAP and vlogger, T**e Makinwa took to Twitter to lament about the faulty air conditioners at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos.

T**e who just arrived the country said she was ‘dripping in sweat’ after she touched down at the airport.

She Wrote;

”Touch down Lagos Nigeria and the heat at the airport is insane, why will the A/C at arrivals not work??? The fans blowing hot air and the officers having to work under such circumstances is SAD. What a country

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I’m standing at arrivals dripping in sweat and all I can think is the officers in the box who have to endure this daily.

Like we have all just accepted this as normal cos we go into our cars with A/C’a after but these people who work here under such harsh conditions are human too

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No wonder they take out their anger and impatience on travelers. You enter Nigeria and pick up stress. Yuck”