A young guy has given his own definition of who a wife material is in a recent post he made on social media.

This young guy was reacting to a letter someone wrote to a popular relationship coach, Joro Olumofin when he made these comments.

The letter indicated that a lady went to a guy’s place and refused to clean the lavatory even after the guy asked her to clean it.

ATTENTION:  “If you as my wife can’t stand my mother living with us, you can park and leave” – Man says

Reacting to this, this social media user said;

“SMH!!! So many lady’s on this Joro blog are not serious at all. Lady’s here are not serious and ready to marry. How will you be dating a guy and not wash hit toilet, clothes and kitchen.

Any lady that comes to my place if she doesn’t make it cleaner than how she met it when she came she is not a wife material and I won’t call her back.

That is the reason why so many of our lady’s are single. If ur a lady when you go to a guy’s place please clean, pick a chore to do.

That will secure ur future as a wife. What make me laugh about women us that they act like marriage is not a big deal but husband is there number priority.
Urge with yourself
A word is enough”