An antifeminist has taken to his Twitter account to give his descriptive reasons why 30 years plus women are not a good fit for men to marry.

According to the Twitter user, @Shadaya, he tweeted on his page that 30-year-old women must have 12 years of s****l experience if they started having s*x from the legal age.

He took the time to calculate the number of men she must have been with and also the number of s*x she must have had.

However, this makes her unsuitable for a young man, but only good for men over 40 who are divorced, widowed or looking for a second wife.

Shadaya further summarized his long speech by stating categorically that men who disagree with his opinion and do the opposite of what he tweeted are compared to a man who buys a public bus and tries to privatize it.

Here’s his post: