When it comes to going on holiday, you would think the excitement would be enough on its own, without needing to follow the latest trends, however, you might just be surprised!

It turns out that there are lots of surprising trends that are happening in the world of vacations.

From matching luggage to personal photographers, there are trends sweeping through the world of celebrity and the general public alike.

If you want to find out more about some of the trends that are starting to appear this year, then keep reading.

Earlier this year reality television star Dorathy shared sultry vacation photos that made us all envious.

Not only did the star look breathtaking, but the view was also really nice. Of course, it is surprisingly easy to portray a perfect life on social media.

We are able to curate our feeds to show the highlights of our life and edit out the struggles. Of course, this is made a lot easier when you’ve got such a jet-setting lifestyle, but did you stop to think about who might be behind the camera?

One of the trends that is sweeping the world of celebrity, is hiring photographers to take snaps of your vacation!

Many of us who love holidaying with our spouse but wish they could take better photographs will understand this trend, though some will be left scratching their heads.

Often the most treasured photos from a vacation are the candid photographs that captured a moment when nobody was even looking for the camera.

Walking on the beach of Paynes Bay at sunset. Surrounded by a beautiful stretch of sand, this is one of the most popular beaches on the west coast of Barbados.

Looking back on these authentic memories is often more special than the posed photographs that we ask strangers to take for us. Whilst Ifu is clearly ready for the camera in her shots, other celebrities have asked their photographers to capture candid photos to share with fans.

The photographer follows the celebrity around for the whole holiday, taking snaps at the most opportune moments.

This has lead to the creation of some breathtaking photos and a potentially lucrative opportunity for anyone who is skilled at capturing moments that look both natural and spectacular all at once.

If you don’t like the idea of a personal photographer documenting your holiday, then perhaps you can save some money and skip out on this trend.

If you can’t quite afford to hire a professional photographer to come along on your next vacation, then there is another trend that you can definitely get on board with, the virtual vacation.

Both celebrities and the general public have reacted to the recent restrictions around travelling by taking part in virtual vacations.

These holidays can range from an hour spent walking around a museum, or playing at a virtual casino, to a whole week posting photoshopped images of you in exotic locations.

How far you take it is entirely up to you!

If you’re interested in a virtual vacation because you want to have a great time and aren’t too bothered about getting those snaps for your social media, then you could consider taking part in an online activity.

The two most popular options for this sort of virtual vacation are visiting tourist destinations online, and playing virtual games on iGaming sites.

If you’d like to take part in the former then there are plenty of museums across the world that have opened their virtual doors to the public.

They have provided guided tours around the highlights of their collections that you can view usually for free, but occasionally for a small donation.

If you prefer the hands-on approach to your virtual vacation then a trip to one of the best slots casinos in South Africa could be more your style.

iGaming has been a popular choice for the virtual vacationer, not just because it’s interactive, but because you can make the most of deals online that you just couldn’t find in the real world.

For example, many iGaming sites will offer exclusive deals to new sign-ups to their sites, meaning that you get extra money to play with.

In a brick-and-mortar casino, it’s very unlikely for anyone to get offered free money to play with, so you could get a lot more b**g for your buck by visiting in a ‘virtual’ capacity.

A final mini-trend that people are starting to notice has been brewing for a long time now. Many of us will have matching luggage sets for when we go traveling.

Some of us go for the Louis Vuitton suitcase and carry-on bag combination, others just a smart matching shade for our luggage.

One group of trendsetters that have taken this even further though are those who match their mask to their luggage.

People have been spotted with customized LV face masks to match their carry-on bags! Although the trend seems a bit strange, if you’ve got to wear a mask to fly then it was only a matter of time before someone made it fashionable.