Innocent Sadiki recently made headlines after graduating with a master’s degree in Arts.

She throws a big bash for herself, celebrating her outstanding achievements in education.

The actress did not just end by celebrating her win physically; she went the extra mile by celebrating it spiritually.

Innocent departed for Isreal on Friday, and she landed on Saturday, 14 May. As soon as she landed in Isreal, she went straight to the river Jordan so she could be baptized at the exact place where Jesus was baptized.

The actress, who doubles as a woman of God, shared several pictures of herself being baptized in Isreal at the river Jordan and she was so joyful.

In her post on Instagram, Innocent also shared that it has always been her dream to be in Isreal. She shared a video of her being immersed. In the video, Innocent was in the river wearing a white garment with other two men that looked like prophets. On the bank side of the river, they were people in white singing gospel songs as Innocent was being baptized.

On the video she shared on her Instagram, she wrote:

Getting baptised where my Savior Jesus Christ got baptised by John.


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Matthew 3:13
13 Then Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan to be baptized by John.

Thank you 🙏🏾 to Apostle Humphrey from IgniteHouse for conducting my baptism

After the actress shared her video of having a spiritual encounter with God while being immersed on her Instagram, Mzansi reacted. In less than an hour after posting, the video had over 10k viewers. Mzansi was happy with how the actress lived her life, pleasing God the creator. Other A-list celebrities were angry at her for not inviting them to such a spectacular event.

In conclusion, Mzansi agreed that they would plan a trip to Israel with their favourite actress. Innocent has not yet replied to Mzani’s request; maybe she is still thinking about it.