My sister kept telling me about a certain notorious cult guy who made advances towards her.

I don’t live in the same area as her, so I don’t know.

She told me that every time she walks by, the guy asks her to come along, and when she refuses, as usual, he makes lewd comments to her.

I used to laugh about it because I thought it would end there until she called me crying that the guy hit her and confiscated her phone.

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I asked her what happened and she said she went to buy something at a nearby market late at night, she saw him and he approached her. She ignored him and he called her a w***e, to which she replied that he was s****d and foolish.

Then he came up to her, slapped her and took her phone away.

I was furious. I quickly dialled my soldier friend’s number to organize 8 soldiers to follow me there. I wired him 100k to buy drinks for them.

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He organized them for me and together we went in a private car to the place where my sister lives.

We arrived there and couldn’t find the b*****d, so we arrested his people with whom he smokes until they can show him. After we threatened them, they led us to where he was.

When I saw the b*****d, I just charged and hit him before my army friends came and frog-jumped him.

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I saw the fool crying and spouting slime like the son of a b***h he is. I was going to lock him up in the Panti for two weeks where he will never see light or food, but due to the begging of the community, I let him off with a stern warning that if he and his s****d sect are born again, he should touch my sister again.

I go let am know the difference between six and half a dozen.