A man who questioned daughter Agnes Osike, 14, about her romantic relationship with a Secondary School student has been poisoned.

According to reports, Agnes conspired with her 17-year-old boyfriend to poison her father’s porridge on Sunday after the confrontation.

Area Chief Alexander Nyakenywa said;

“Her father quizzed her about the affair on Saturday, but she was not happy about it. On Sunday morning, when others went to church, she stayed at home with her father. She prepared porridge, put poison in it and served it to him.”

Fortunately, the father was able to notice the smell of a pesticide called diazinon, which was put into the porridge before he could eat it, the area director said.

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During questioning, Agnes confessed that she wanted to k**l her father because he had interfered with her relationship with the boy.

According to Agnes, she loves her 17-year-old boyfriend so much that she does not want to let him go.

The area manager added;

“She looked determined to k**l anyone who would interfere in their relationship, but we managed to arrest her. We arrested her with the help of members of the community police.”