A Kenyan woman has sent cold shivers down the spines of netizens after she revealed on live radio that she used to eat human flesh and make love to snakes.

The 26-year-old lady identified as Cecilia Wambui, Emmanuel Mwashumbe confessed on Radio Maisha Morning Show that she got into this strange practice as a form of voodoo to attract rich men.

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Here is her full story.

She said, “I was 17 and in fourth grade when I met a driver who hit on me. Since he came from a very poor family, I was impressed that he had a TV, a gas stove and a radio. I ran away with him, but we broke up within three months. I was pregnant by him, but I terminated the pregnancy.”

“I tried to get saved and was introduced to a fake church where I slept with ghosts. I could just find myself in morgues and funerals.

In February, I joined the church and no longer felt the need to sleep with men because the spirits were satisfying my needs. It got to a point where I was addicted and wanted to see bloody images, like bodies being washed in the morgue.”

‘They had brainwashed me; the pastor told me to give him all the household items because they were bought by ‘sponsors.’

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They arranged for me to marry one of the church members, saying ‘heaven decided I should marry him’ – we had known each other for three weeks.

Whenever I slept, I dreamed that the pastor told me to touch his privates and a black snake would appear. I enjoyed this and thought it was okay.

The snake appeared whenever I closed my eyes; I dreaded sleeping in matatus (Kenyan commuter omnibuses). I started getting sick, but the pastor told me not to go to the hospital because “God would heal me.”