The world’s largest bottle of Scotch whisky, with a record-breaking 311 litres of 32-year-old Macallan, will be auctioned this month in the UK.

The bottle, known as The Intrepid, is 5-feet 11-inches tall and will be auctioned by an Edinburgh-based auction house.

It contains the equivalent of 444 standard bottles and may break the world record for the most expensive bottle of whisky ever sold at $1.9 million, according to Wales Online.

Guinness World Records certified the bottle last year, while any amount the upcoming sale achieves above £1.3 million, 25 per cent will be donated to the Marie Curie charity.

According to the auction house, the whisky has a smooth texture, and a sweet overall taste with some white pepper in the lengthy, warming finish and a suggestion of French apple tart in the aftertaste.