Nigerian singer, Kelly Hansome, has vowed to avenge the death of his brother Bruno who was killed by a woman.

Taking on his Instagram page, Kelly Hansome revealed that he finally came up with the truth of who killed his brother and how he died and promised not to let his killers go unpunished.

According to him in a video he shared, the woman killed one of his own and he will k**l ten of her and assured her that it will get bloody and the war will not end.

He wrote;

Now that I know the truth about the death of my brother Bruno, they all have to die, including their hairdressers, barbers, children, drivers, family. Even the person who fixes their generator and their pastor, they will all die. When we get to heaven we will sort it out, but for now their own end, so just go ahead and m****r yourselves so the rest can suffer.

There is no hope for you, no one will save you or even cough it up. You and everyone who participated in the ritual will die and so will your family because you raised a murderer. Wherever you are, I know you already know the die is cast.

We are just waiting for you to scream so that we know it is you, then your family will regret that you were born to them because you have brought great misfortune upon them.

I challenge any pastor or bishop to cough, they will regret it walahi. “You k**l one of mine, I ⚔️ 10 of yours” and we will count until it is complete. You will never k**l anyone again, ever! You picked the wrong cop. This is a bloody war without end. 😎

In the meantime, help me use the comment section to rain desired curses on them. We will see who is more evil, U or GOD. If you are a prophet, pastor or bishop, you better chase them away when they come to confess to you, because I will not only beat the h**l out of you, but I will also have your church burned down.

You better learn how to tell people the truth. Tell them that what they are struggling with will destroy everything and everyone in the way. Tell them.

You who know about the plan or conspiracy, I even suggest that you keep quiet and don’t say that your parents will regret it. I don’t care if they support you or not, the battle includes them and even your goats and chickens. It’s over for you!

“Suffer not a Witch to Live” and whoever kills by the sword will die by the sword and whoever kills with juju will die by juju, just so we know who the ⚔️ will follow then. May THE LORD punish them & theirs with bloodshed. 🩸🩸🩸

We will set a legendary example that will never be 2B forgotten. 🤫


This is where I stop being biblical because it has led so many people astray. I want the same GOD to come down and save them from me. Their father ear, they go feel am. All Lion see for road na shawarma, on GOD.

“Suffer not a witch to live” is in the Bible, so why do we leave so many things to GOD, is he our buddy? Taaa!!! 😡 #VengeanceIsMine