Ghanaian counsellor, Counselor Frank Edem Adofoli has given a piece of important advice to ladies who are looking for marriage.

According to him, such ladies should look for men who will put them first and also see them as the most important person in their lives.

He made this post in a recent social media post he made on his Facebook page where he wrote;

“Ladies thinking of getting married, you need a man who will put you first, who will see you as the most important person, someone who is willing to start with you where you are, not someone who wants you to wait for him in a relationship until he hits a jackpot, wins a lottery, gets the dream job or salary; not someone who wants to put up all the mansions, buy the most expensive cars before marrying you.

Such a person can let you hang around, use you and dump you as soon as they think they have arrived. You need a rich heart, not a rich pocket. You need a hard working man, not a dreamer. You need a working partner, not a s***e master.”