Lady Weeps As Boyfriend Deletes Her TikTok Content

A man caused distress to his girlfriend after deleting some of her videos on TikTok, resulting in a loss of 15,000 likes.

The girlfriend was visibly upset and could not hold back tears.

Lady Weeps As Boyfriend Deletes Her TikTok Content

According to reports, the man accused his girlfriend of being addicted to the platform, which was causing problems in their relationship.

He then proceeded to delete some of her content and threatened to smash her phone, reminding her that he paid for it and had every right to act as he pleased.

The man’s insensitive comments about the significance of likes on social media added to the girlfriend’s distress. Despite her tears, she remained silent.

This incident highlights the growing concern over the impact of social media addiction on relationships and the need for partners to handle such issues sensitively.

See Reactions Below;

@Ghee1313 wrote: “Exactly what have been dealing with in my relationship… my gf will be on tiktoka till 4am in midnight and have promised I will broke her 14 promax one day…nah play she Dey think ham”

@chioma_ndianefo noted: “But if that’s how she earns her daily bread …you don’t have the right unless she is your wife …even if …you will discuss it with her ,that is time she stop being a freek or you will take action …is simple sha.”

@TheSilvapr stated: “This is why it’s not good to be depending on one man as a lady, get something doing and make money yourself, all these embarrassment wouldn’t have happened, Sorry to her tho 🤍”

@Jibsman1 wrote: “She can’t leave the relationship because of the financial benefits. He’s emboldened because he knows this. Two idiots are in an entanglement… It will be so toxic.”

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